5 Benefits of Cloud Migration

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3 min readAug 31, 2022

With the growth of cloud computing in various industries, many more organizations are likely to transfer their systems to the cloud. As a result, the cloud is anticipated to account for 63.6 % of overall IT infrastructure spending.

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What exactly is cloud migration?

Digital assets, services, IT resources, and application migration to the cloud is the process of doing so on a partial or full scale for a company. The assets that have been relocated are now accessible inside the cloud barrier.
Business process outsourcing (BPO), another term for cloud migration, is shifting the complete organizational infrastructure to the cloud so that users may access computing, storage, software, and platform services.

Three Strategies for Cloud Migration

Although cloud migration is not a simple task, there are three main categories into which application cloud migration solutions may be divided.

  • Lift and Shift
    As the name indicates, this requires shifting your stack from on-premises hosting to the cloud. For the fastest ROI, you move an identical clone of your present environment without significant modifications. Rehosting is a good option for businesses with conservative cultures or those without a long-term plan for utilizing sophisticated cloud capabilities.
  • Rearchitect
    Rebuilding your apps from scratch is referred to as rearchitecting. This is frequently caused by a business requirement to use cloud services like cloud auto-scaling or serverless computing that are not offered in the current environment. Refactoring is generally the most expensive choice, but it is also compatible with future versions.
  • Rebuild/Replace
    An application is completely rebuilt or replaced in the most extreme cloud migrations. Instead of migrating code and data to the cloud, equivalent cloud-optimized functionality is designed from the ground up. Businesses may choose to go down this path to adopt new technologies and platforms or to abandon a legacy application that has been considered unsuitable for the cloud.

5 Benefits of Cloud Migration

We’ve discussed cloud migration, and the migration tactics organisations use to reach their goals, but why do businesses decide to migrate to the cloud in the first place?

  1. Improved Infrastructure Security and Compliance
    Cloud migration eliminates the need for organizations to handle some areas of infrastructure security. For example, the cloud provider maintains physical and network security. Additionally, it gives enterprises access to tools for monitoring and securing their infrastructure.
  2. Reduced Infrastructure Expenses
    Cloud platforms can be less expensive if managed properly than on-premises or colocated infrastructure. According to the needs of the user, cloud environments expand and contract. Businesses must adopt cloud best practices to enjoy potential cost savings, just as they reap cloud migration's security advantages.
  3. Improved Scalability
    It can be difficult and expensive to scale on-premises infrastructure. Scaling on the cloud is less complicated. One reason firms choose to re-architect systems when transferring is scalability. By dividing a program into smaller services, each component may be scaled and copied separately, which is not always achievable with a monolithic application.
  4. Boost Business Agility
    Cloud systems’ flexibility enables firms to adapt to changing consumer and market needs. They can swiftly install and grow infrastructure. The deployment of new features is made simpler by the variety of managed services offered by larger cloud platforms.
  5. Convenient IT Management
    A web interface may be used to control cloud infrastructure, or it can be automated via an API. Modern cloud administration interfaces provide a wide range of tools that enable enterprises to monitor, control, and adapt any part of the business environment.

Selecting the ideal cloud solution and managing your cloud migration are difficult tasks. To help you avoid frequent errors and improve your return on investment, QSS will work with you to offer the knowledge you require.
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