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Discover how the latest update transforms user engagement with real-time data editing, dynamic surveys, advanced visualization, and customizable aesthetics.

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4 min readFeb 21, 2024

Creating compelling content and managing your online presence has never been more streamlined, thanks to the innovative features introduced in the latest update of QSS CMS, version .NET 7.0. This powerful, modular web-based application is designed to simplify content management and enhance efficiency for users of all skill levels.

New update brings powerful functionalities to the forefront, including Wijmo control for seamless Excel uploads and real-time data editing, dynamic survey capabilities for enhanced user interaction, and advanced data visualization with Chart.js. These features are set to revolutionize website management by enabling more interactive data presentation, facilitating direct feedback from visitors, and ensuring that complex data can be easily understood and beautifully presented.

Let’s delve into what’s new in QSS CMS and explore how these groundbreaking functionalities can transform the way you manage your website, making it a more engaging and visually appealing experience for your audience.

1. Wijmo Control Implementation for Excel Uploads

Imagine the convenience of uploading an Excel document directly into your CMS and having it instantly transform into an interactive table and chart.

Users now can effortlessly upload Excel documents and the system then immediately generates a table view of the data, alongside a dynamic chart that visually represents the information contained within the document. This feature not only enhances the user experience by simplifying data management and analysis but also elevates the CMS’s capability to handle complex datasets efficiently.

2. Dynamic Surveys through CMS Controls

Engaging with your audience through surveys is an excellent way to gather insights. The development of dynamic surveys accessible through CMS controls presents a versatile solution. This feature allows users to easily create surveys, customize questions, and adjust settings all within the CMS interface.

As responses are collected, the system provides real-time updates on survey results, enabling users to analyze trends and feedback as they emerge. This instant access to data empowers organizations to make informed decisions swiftly, based on the latest user insights.

3. Advanced Chart.js Components for Excel Data Visualization

Data visualization is key to understanding complex datasets, and the integration of advanced Chart.js components into our CMS can transform how users interact with data. By allowing the upload of 2D Excel tables, the system can parse the data and render it using Chart.js charts.

When combined with a CMS, Chart.js enables users to bring static data to life, offering an array of customizable options to match the visual aesthetics of projects or reports.

Besides the newly introduced capabilities of uploading and real-time editing of Excel documents through Wijmo controls, dynamic survey creation via CMS, and advanced data visualization with Chart.js, the latest QSS CMS update enhances the platform with additional visual features such as article previews, customizable skins, and text animations. This update further emphasizes user-friendliness and offers significant benefits for website management.

Why These Features Matter

QSS CMS stands out for its ease of use, safety, and flexibility. These advancements not only streamline data management and visualization, fostering enhanced user interaction and feedback collection, but also enrich the user experience through aesthetic and functional customization options. Moreover, they underscore a commitment to user-friendliness and efficient website management, making the platform more accessible and effective for a wide range of users, from content creators to administrators, in engaging their audience and managing digital content.

Explore the transformative power of QSS CMS for your website by reaching out today at — discover how our latest features can simplify your content management and elevate your online presence.

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