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4 min readApr 13, 2022

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Not only does looking for a parking spot take a long time, but it also produces a lot of CO2. But even that can be solved with the help of Smart Parking solutions. As a result, the question arises: Is Smart Parking technology the future, and how much does it affect the number of harmful gas emissions?

Smart Parking enables easy parking management and combines technology and human innovation, providing a complete insight into the use of parking spaces, which, along with analytics, gives city administrations an excellent planning tool. Its implementation reduces the costs of maintaining the city’s transport infrastructure. It is directly involved in reducing congestion in city traffic, enabling increased revenue from parking and better management of city parking areas.

On the other hand, it is known that large amounts of CO2 are emitted just by looking for a parking space. Traffic generated by parking searches is a significant contributor to urban pollution — after all, it accounts for almost 30% of all traffic. By using Smart Parking solutions that help drivers find free parking spaces faster and easier, the distance and time required to search for parking spaces can be significantly reduced.

Smart Parking helps a lot in reducing CO2 emissions, and here’s how:

It improves the quality of life

Pollution in densely populated cities is a serious problem because it can cause diseases and allergies in residents. Reducing vehicle emissions by reducing the time it takes to find a parking space helps minimize air pollution and helps improve the quality of life in cities.

Reducing the negative impact of vehicles on the environment

Drivers spend up to 20 minutes or more looking for parking, losing not only time but also fuel and causing traffic jams. With Smart Parking solutions, search time is reduced, which also reduces the vehicle’s impact on the environment.

Through the use of Smart Parking, environmental goals are achieved using

Numerous cities around the world have dedicated themselves to reducing their carbon footprint. In some countries, high penalties are imposed for non-compliance with climate targets. By using Smart Parking technologies, cities are taking an essential step closer to meeting their environmental goals.

One of the basic initiatives of Smart City that QSS is working on is Smart Parking. For example, a study conducted in Germany shows that the search for a parking space is responsible for 30% of traffic in German cities. We believe that the situation in B&H is very similar. During each search for a place, cars emit about 1.3 kg of CO2. Annually, emissions, fuel consumption, and time result in total costs of up to 45 trillion euros. Smart Parking helps solve this problem by helping drivers find parking spaces quickly, optimizing parking usage, and reducing management costs and traffic congestion. This solution protects the environment by drastically reducing CO2 emissions.

Drivers can not only find accessible parking places more quickly and conveniently with our Smart Parking solution, but we believe that they can also reduce the percentage of harmful gases in the air. Our green mission slowly but surely combines Smart and Clean and that will support the growth of the future smart cities.

One of QSS's main goals in 2022 is to create a Green Agenda #QSS2025 which will detail our plan and goal to become a Carbon-Neutral company by 2025. We will strive to improve our environmental performance over time and launch new projects and activities that will further reduce our impact on the environment. Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our employees, and the community in which we operate.

The introduction of this platform is an example of a long-term increase in drivers’ awareness of the amount of fuel spent in the process of finding a parking spot, which has an undeniable influence on our air quality. We’re thrilled to be a part of the #NetZero emissions movement, and we’re looking forward to future projects that will help us achieve our aim of increased environmental efficiency.

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