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World Password Day highlights the importance of passwords as the first line of defence in the digital world and raises awareness that the simplest passwords threaten online security.

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The most commonly used password globally is “123456,” with the term “password” in fourth. According to the National Center for Cyber Security of the United Kingdom (NCSC), the most popular password in the world is “123456,” which is used by 23.2 million accounts.

What makes a strong password?
Complexity — complex enough is one that neither a computer nor a person can guess in a reasonable period.

Uniqueness — do not use phrases or strings of words that form common expressions in general usage.

On the other side, protecting your company’s data is very important.
It is crucial to create a password policy that is a set of regulations designed to assist businesses in improving their computer and network security. Password rules frequently specify how passwords should be saved and used and how often they should be updated. Also, investing in a password management tool will allow you to create and store all of your passwords in one secure place.

One of the most significant ways to keep your passwords from being guessed or compromised is by using multifactor authentications is another technique to secure your company (MFA). When you decide to implement new password regulations, you must also ensure that your employees are properly trained to use them.

If your organisation handles sensitive data from industries such as finance or healthcare, you may be subject to regulatory standards. Cyber thieves frequently attack these accounts because of the sensitive information included in these accounts.

A password with a minimum of 12 characters is a must. Uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, and numerals should be included in passwords. Passwords should change every 60 to 90 days, etc.

Passwords aren’t the only thing to worry about regarding cybersecurity. Every day, cybercriminals develop new techniques and technologies to expose your user data, so protection is a must for individuals but also companies!

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The new generation of our Cloud services brings not only new security solutions but also new solutions for backup, disaster recovery, collaboration, video conferencing and learning, distance work and the like.

To ensure complete protection, QSS, as part of the third generation of Cloud, has created a comprehensive and safe solution for users of our QSS Secure Cloud services. We try to minimize the threat of attacks on the third generation of our Cloud services by introducing zero-trust architecture and tools, multifactor authentication (MFA), and encryption of all transport and data storage using military-grade encryption keys.

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